Working together to create a better workspace.

Running a business is hard. We are taught to be “lean” and “agile” so that we can be ready to face any challenge. When it comes to real estate though, it’s often the opposite. Real estate is not built to change at the speed of business.

If you are someone that could benefit from the added flexibility of easy-to-assemble modular offices, contact us today!

We understand these challenges because we have dealt with them ourselves. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts, Flexre Technologies is in the business of giving you the tools to efficiently and cost-effectively retrofit your existing workspace. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you update your office for the new normal.

Working inless than optimal office space can be very costly to your company. Decline in productivity and employee satisfaction can impact your bottom line drastically. It is estimated that 70% of offices in the United States are open concept. Studies have shown that open plan workspaces may enhance the spread of illness and decrease productivity by 15%. However, minor renovation work to add an office or conference room can seem expensive and more troublesome than it’s worth.